Travel is the best medium for pleasure and romance, and it is also a source of vitality. Full of enthusiasm along the way, while the sun set, come to HOTEL Z to full of rest .

ON travel does not care about the end, but pay attention to people on the way, things and those beautiful scenery and memories. Ignore the complicated trivia, feel free to experience a city, find a story, and cheer up. Add color to your journey is our pleasure.

Hotel Z Taichung Fengjia

Elegant room design



Accommodation parking

Parking regulations are as follows:
The parking spaces of the main building are mainly B1 mechanical parking spaces in the museum, supplemented by special parking lots outside the museum.

When you arrive at the hotel, please park the vehicle at the door first, and after completing the accommodation registration, the on-site service staff will arrange the parking space according to the first-served order and the model, and cannot make an appointment in advance.

1. One room provides a parking space for a car.

2. Parking spaces will be arranged in the order of arrival, and priority will be given to the “mechanical parking lot on the first basement floor of the museum” [restrictions: vehicle height 1.8m↓, vehicle length 5.1m↓, vehicle width 1.95m↓], reservations are not accepted.

3. If the parking space in the museum is full / or the model is special (low chassis, size overrun, etc.) / or other reasons, there is also a special parking lot of the museum, the “Good P5 Parking Lot” at No. 168 Fuxing North 2nd Street, which only needs to pay $100 per night for overnight stays, and $200 per night for consecutive holidays ($100 per night is still charged on the last day of the holiday), and you can enter and exit freely until 12:00 noon the next day, and the minibus fee will be charged separately.

24-hour counter

All sockets in the room are designed for child-safe purpose, please plug in at a 45-degree angle while use.

Baby cots and bathtubs can be borrowed for free, and the number is limited, please make an appointment as soon as possible.

Taxi call service provided..

Luggage storage service provided..

The business center

  • Bike friendly accommodation
  • Bike friendly accommodation
Bike friendly accommodation

Bicycle-friendly accommodation, providing a friendly space for cyclists to enjoy the electric bed after a day of cycling to easily lift your feet to relieve the soreness caused by lactic acid accumulation, sleep well and then set off again, enjoy tomorrow’s beautiful cycling journey.

Journey has no end. The people, things in the journey are like a cup of tea worth savoring carefully. Hope to leave a wonderful impression in the story of your journey.

Wish you Bon Voyage

Wish you
Bon Voyage